St Andrew's Church

Church Lane, Eaton



September 2016 to April 2017


The Academy of Arcadio

Nathaniel Mander – harpsichord

Olwen Foulkes – recorder

Recorder player Olwen Foulkes and harpsichordist Nathaniel Mander have a long collaborative history together which was borne out of their studies together at the Royal Academy of Music, from which they both graduated with first class honours degrees.

Both Olwen and Nathaniel share a strong common passion for musical narrative and dance, which are always present in their live performances. They have been praised for their entrancing characterisation and captivating story-telling, and are currently discovering the quixotic nature of the duo repertoire from 18th century France.

Olwen and Nathaniel present a recital exploring the musical world surrounding the famous literary society Accademia degli Arcadi. They will introduce music by composers who were associated with the society's patron, and explore musical representations of the members’ mascots; Apollo, Pan, and the muses, which will include music by Handel, Scarlatti, Corelli, Stradella and Bononcini, amongst others.

Eaton Concert Series 17th season aw low.pdf

Sunday, 12th March 3pm